PR Program

Select various On/Offline Promoting Program suitable to the customer

Brand Positioning
New product and Brand launching Event / On/Offline Promotion for the Brand Positioning and Expansion / Press conference, Road-show targeted for consumers, VIP Party

Online Marketing
Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., major SNS opening, operation administration / Blog Star and Influencers of the Food, Fashion, Beauty, Life, etc.,
collaboration project with YouTubers / Promotion and Events with main targeted sites

Offline Marketing
Photo Event / Press Conference / Consumer Participation Event / New Product Announcement / Customer Participation Event, etc., Planning and Progression

Press Promotion Strategy and Establishment of Process Planning / Draw up and Distribution of Press Release / Media Contact and Relation / Analysis and Monitoring of rival company, etc.

Star, Celebrity Marketing
Inviting to the Brand event / Participating in the production of Magazine Advertorial / Experiencing the Brand product and SNS viral / PPL

Broadcasting (Public TV, Series), YouTube, Daily Newspaper, Magazine etc., Writing up Feature Article, Formal execution, Filming, Editing All Management

Furniture Item