Check out the details about the promotion

For Branding, long-term strategy promotion is recommended for at least more than 1 year,
but if marketing promotion like new product release, seasonal goods are needed it can be progressed as a project.
Further details and expense will be guided through mail.

This is the minimum unit of the expense as the promotion program may differ according to customer's condition.
For detailed consulting, please contact through mail or telephone.

1. On/Offline Press Promotion (Above 5M won per month)

2. Photo event (Above 3M won per event)

3. Press conference (Above 5M won per conference)

4. Advertorial production (Above 4M won per advertorial)

5. SNS operation (Above 3M won per month for 1 Media)

4. Offline promotion (Above 3M won for project planning)

Please contact anytime for a free consultation of Wizcomm.
The proposal is provided only when there is an OT(Orientation) and PT(Presentation) for PR Agency Project selection.
It is a 3 in 1 group, basic team member consisting of Director, Manager, Assistant and it may differ according to the proposal.

Wizcomm awaits for leaders and assistants with capabilities to participate in various promotion projects in Food, Consumption Brand.
As it is not a 9 to 6 working system like normal companies, understanding the target's lifestyle and analysing the market
and the talent and sense for understaning the trend is important.
Above all, modest attitude, care for the others, and sincereness is the most important element.
Please send us the document by email to give it a try. We will write you back after reviewing.
* Resume 1 copy, Cover letter(work experience) 1 copy, * E-mail master@wizcomm.net